I've gotten to know Bobby over the past year and we have very quickly become good friends. Bobby is a compliment to any ministry and is a dynamic force and believes what he says and does what he says. I've seen how God has used him first hand in the miraculous and the preaching the Gospel and the zeal combined with true knowledge of God's word and life experiences give his ministry a personality that stands out among the rest. I believe Bobby will be a friend and a true blessing to your ministry and we give our blessing and endorsement to all the mighty exploits they do in the Kingdom of God.

Michael Krysty
Inhabitfire Ministries


Todd BentleyI have known Bobby for several years and he was one of my associates for a period of time. Just recently Bobby ministered with us at the Great Awakening Healing Revival in South Africa where they saw hundreds of salvations and many miracles under the anointed preaching and demonstration of the fire of God. With over 30 years experience in full time ministry, Bobby and Sheryl have the world in mind but the church at heart. There passion for the lost is evident when he preaches and Sheryl's worship certainly ushers in the Glory of God. I wholeheartedly recommend Bobby and Sheryl's ministry for any conference, or church event, and believe that there will be a tremendous deposit of the glory of God everywhere they minister. Bobby brings a fresh and new expression of evangelism to this generation and will be gift to any congregation.

Todd Bentley

FreshFire USA


It is with joy that I recommend the ministry of Bobby and Sheryl Sullivan. They have been a team who have not only pioneered in innovative areas of evangelism, but they have consistently sustained their vision and passion for evangelism over many years. Bobby and Sheryl are thoroughbreds and yet they are faithful workhorses who have plowed with diligence even in hard, resistive settings. Their involvement in both church-based and community-based evangelism has kept them in touch with the heartbeat of the local church. They've resourcefully come alongside the vision of local churches and facilitated that vision with their evangelism gifts and anointing. Bobby and Sheryl have walked through seasons of ministry although always maintaining that foundational call for the lost to be saved. They have allowed the Spirit to fiber into them great longings for the Body of Christ to be connected in passion and power with the Presence of the Lord. They have received the Father's heart for healing and deliverance. They have lifted up their eyes and seen the fields ready for harvest in other nations. They have consistently held to the potential and necessity of seeing the Lord's kingdom advance in Canada as well. I serve on the board for Cutting Edge Ministries. However, our relationship and partnership in the Lord's purposes exceeds just that board appointment. We have been "on location" with them and have seen how the Lord has used them plus has worked within them. I am excited for them as they continue to pursue the Lord's "now" plans and deployment in the advance of His kingdom.

With rejoicing,

Rev. Peggy I. Kennedy

Sounding a prophetic voice to Canada and beyond


Fred & Val BennetIt is a privilege for me to recommend the ministry of Bobby and Sheryl Sullivan. First of all, it is so important for a church to put before the people what they want them to become. In the Sullivan’s you will have a successful and fruitful marriage and family who will be a vital asset to the overall health of your congregation. They also possess the evangelistic anointing that is so lacking yet so needed in our churches today. Their gifts will leverage your church’s ability to reach out beyond its walls and grow just as they have for churches all across Canada and the world. They are true evangelists but they have always worked successfully with the local church. I have every confidence that they will make outstanding pastors who will grow your church and increase your influence in the community. My wife and I have been personally blessed to minister with the Sullivan's on several occasions and have found them to be a tremendous help in ministry. It is so good to work with people who aren’t just in it for themselves and their own agenda. We count Bobby and Sheryl as co-laborers in the work of the kingdom and as friends in Christ. I commend you for your consideration of the Sullivan's to pastor your church and will be praying for them and for you.


Dr. Fred L. Bennett

Miracle Channel Host