Go Where the People AreBy Pastor Bobby


Somebody Needs You.

“For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty (freedom); do not use liberty for an occasion or incentive, excuse or opportunity to the flesh, but by love serve one another,” (Galatians 5:13).


Go find them. Activate yourself. Move toward neighbors. Move toward the members of your family. Get on the telephone. You may be shy, timid and even feel inadequate. But, you will not succeed in life unless you are connected to people.

Success involves people. People who enable you to succeed may not always come to you. In fact, they rarely do. You must go to them.

Why do you think there are newspaper machines on every corner, and soft drink machines are on every floor of a hotel? Remember that people are invisible when your eyes are closed. Unless your doing online dating! LOL  you must take this product to where the people are. In other words, you have to get off your seat and get in the street!

You Will Never Possess What You Are Unwilling To Pursue.


If there is one thing that I have learned in this business is that “you cant be point pointers”  Meaning, you cant point at your points in the back office and see, analyze and manage your back office by giving advice that you have not implemented yourself. You have to be your greatest cheerleader! You have to motivate yourself before you motivate others. You cant expect people to do what your not willing to do yourself. You can have all the ideas in the world and be a self imposed expert until someone says, “Show me how you do it” then you will look pretty silly coming up with excuses. Remember, “excuses are discounted but never discontinued.”

Jesus knew this. He did not set up a throne in the middle of each city and say, “This is My palace. This is the only place you can see Me.” He went to the marketplace. He went to the boats of fishermen. He went to the synagogue. He went to the homes of the people. He went everywhere. He “went through the towns, preaching the gospel, and healing every where,” (Luke 9:6).

He was reachable.

Give people every piece of contact information you have. Don’t be a social media hermit and afraid of people. If you are paranoid of people you may consider the priesthood or monastery.

What is keeping you from reaching out towards others? Is it an inward fear or dread that you may be rejected or turned down? Rejection will never extinguish boldness , it will ignite it. Are you intimidated in some way? There is something far more important than any rejection: Your dreams and goals.

Successful people are teachers. They dread rejection, too. But, they believe their goal is worth it. Jesus left comfort. He left the presence of angels

and His Heavenly Father.

He willingly walked into an atmosphere that was unholy and imperfect. He stepped out of a magnificent and perfect kingdom and into a world that was confused, stained and deadly. But, He walked into the lives of those who needed Him. I remember when we were on the road as evangelist. It was weird that I told people to do what they never saw me do. Tell people outside the church, in hostile, unprotected, volatile, environments about Jesus. I had to get away from the pulpit and get out of my comfort zone.

He went where the people were.

Your dream is connected to people. Lawyers need clients. Doctors need patients. Singers need musicians. Salesmen need customers.

Jesus went where people were hurting. He went to the lame, the blind, the poor, the wealthy. He talked to the learned, the ignorant, the hungry, the thirsty.

So, start your People-List today. There are two kinds of people in your life: 1) Those who already know that you have something they need, and 2) Those who do not yet know you have something they need.

Your People-List may include your relatives. Neighbors. Newspaper boy. Gardener. Dentist.

Manicurist. Hairdresser. Landlord. Doctor. Lawyer. There is a Law of Relationship that says every person is merely four people away from any other human on earth. Think of it! This simply means that you know Bill, who knows Judy, who knows Charles, who knows anyone else you would ever want to know.

You are already networked with the entire world.

You simply have to get out of your house. Get out of your car. Go to the door. Reach for your telephone.

Success always begins somewhere. Success always begins at some moment. Success always begins with someone. You must go where people are. Jesus did.


Todays Success Key #4 is once again brought to you in part by Mike Murdock and Bobby Sullivan.