Faith and FitnessBy Pastor Bobby

I asked everyone of the kids who currently live at home a question. "What 3 things would you like to do with dad this summer?" The answers ranged from biking in the park, ice cream, bowling, working out, UWO Football game and hiking. I am 52 as of this blog post and have been on the Body BY Vi Fitness challenge for over 2 years. We love the shakes but working out has always been a struggle to stay with it. I guess consistancy has always been a issue as I am a compulsive person by nature. I know this that you have every right to anything you have not pursued. You and I both must fight for our future and demand freedom from whatever it is thats holding you back.

I know of way to many pastors who preach discipline from the pulpit but cant stay away from countless trips to a buffett. We must take action with our faith and our fitness.