What do you see when you read scriptureBy Pastor Bobby

"The glasses we wear when we read the scriptures will determine what we see from the scriptures.

? If we read the scriptures like a teacher, we will see principles.
? If we read the scriptures like a judge, we will see judgment.
? If we read the scriptures like a philosopher, we will see mystery.
? If we read the scriptures like a policeman, we will see guilt and innocence.
? If we read the scriptures like a criminal, we will see punishment.
? If we read the scriptures like a lawyer, we will see law and justice.
? If we read the scriptures like a father/mother, we will see family.
? If we read the scriptures like a lover, we will see love."

I read the above in an article the other day but cant remember who wrote it so sorry for not giving a reference. Today as we meditate on the Lord and the Scriptures, let us filter what is being taught through the eyes of the Trinity. Remember, perception is the prescription for possibility. In the interpretation of perception it is mandatory that we sit back and ask,"Is this what God is saying or is this what I want it to say to accomodate my decisions and justify my actions. I think we should read the scriptures as not just an instruction manual of survival but a love letter to a generation of children called and seperated from birth to love and serve the very one who breathed life into us. It is our reasonable service to accomodate His love and make room for instruction while living in this temporary home we called, Earth.The very moment we agree that we have arrived in our interpretation of scripture is the moment we are satisfied with satisfaction as begin to slip back into a dull sence of existance rejecting any instruction, correction or challenge. 
Like one man said to the other, "Your so narrow minded!" He replied," I can afford to be..Im right!"

I am not saying be so opened minded that you accept everyones interpretation. I am saying lets review scripture through the Holy Spirit and not through the veil of the flesh. As we view scripture through the eyes and filter of the Holy Spirit, He will reveal what our flesh can not see. He will uncover the hidden truths and treasures that the mind of the flesh can not see, interpret or comprehend.

John 5:39 " You search and investigate and pore over the Scriptures diligently, because you suppose and trust that you have eternal life through them. And these very scriptures testify about ME"
Acts 17:11 " and examine the scriptures daily...."
Lord help me to see as you see!  Help me to understand what you want to say to me. I want to feel what you felt when you breathed the scriptures into man and he in turn penned them on paper.